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Info about delivery prices from IKEA

  • Category: Services
  • Type of service: Furniture delivery IKEA

IKEA delivery prices

  • Price per km (above 100 km): from 3 euros
  • Price per km (below 100 km): from 5 euros
  • Price per whole delivery: from 30 euros
  • Price per whole delivery (multiple): from 20 euros

Additional Services

  • Ikea-Online-Collect®
  • Furniture assembly IKEA
  • Furniture disassembly IKEA
  • Furniture transport IKEA
  • Furniture delivery IKEA

NEW: Ikea-Online-Collect® Service

Introducing our newest Ikea-Online-Collect® service! If you have looked at the online catalog from the IKEA department store (IKEA WebShop) and decided on a certain piece of furniture - there is no need to drive to the IKEA department store, waste time looking for a piece of furniture in the department store, then push that piece in a cart to the checkout and then you wait in the payment queue (which can be huge) only to end up in traffic again on the way back to your home. Just contact us, provide the item number (example: 005.168.62) and we will go to the Ikea department store and complete all this for you! It can be that simple.

Van delivery of goods from the IKEA department store

The famous Swedish furniture manufacturer IKEA has finally returned to Serbia. Even before, we had the opportunity to buy these interesting pieces of furniture, until the Swedish company stopped doing business in our country. In addition to the large center near Vrčin, and near Belgrade, IKEA currently operates in Niš, as well as in Novi Sad, through large delivery centers. Ikea normally has stores in almost 50 countries around the world, and is very famous for not offering classic furniture. Namely, the Swedish style of decorating the space was somewhat unknown to many, because it implies minimalist and quite easily foldable pieces of furniture. However, it seems that the people of our region are getting more and more accustomed to this way of arrangement, because the number of visitors, that is, customers in this department store, as well as the goods available, is increasing day by day. What is considered a bad aspect of buying this kind of furniture is certainly felt most by people who do not have their own car, or who have one but their loading space is small. Namely, when it comes to IKEA, delivery deters many from buying.

What is the price of delivery from an IKEA department store?

When you shop in the IKEA online store, you can see the shipping price before you complete your purchase - after entering your zip code. At IKEA, this amount is calculated according to the value of the products delivered and where they are delivered. With us - the price is fixed depending on the location in Belgrade. The tour starts from 2500-4800 RSD!

What do you need to know when ordering products online from the Ikea department store?

If you buy only the cardboard box, which is 99 RSD, and you have chosen delivery to your home address - it will cost you an additional 999 RSD, so you will have to pay a total of 1,098 RSD for a regular cardboard box. The same is true if you plan to order the best-selling product online - a bowl that costs only 69 dinars in the store, with delivery its price will be 1,068 dinars. This delivery price is valid for all products weighing up to 30 kilograms and is valid for all of Serbia.

That's why - don't pay fabulous sums - just contact us and save!!!

IKEA Click & Collect service with kombi-kombi.rs

Fast, convenient and affordable service. Secure and contactless service. Our goal is to make IKEA products for a better life at home as accessible and affordable as possible to customers throughout Serbia. This service allows customers to order in their home and receive the same day products they previously ordered online using the Click & Collect service on the same day they ordered.

0-24H Transportation of IKEA furniture

When you consider that you first need to take a city bus or taxi to a department store, walk through a fairly large area to select furniture and finally pay a taxi again, because you won't be able to transport larger/larger pieces of furniture that easily by bus, quite it is clear why many give up shopping in this department store. But it doesn't have to be like that because we are here! We offer furniture transportation services from the IKEA department store at the best prices! Even better, you don't have to wait a week or longer for this, we can deliver the piece of furniture right to your address within 4 hours! This service includes not only the transportation of goods and furniture, without loading and unloading, or with it, to/from the van. If you need a loading and unloading service from us, you need to hire a worker and we offer that option as well, but it is charged additionally. KOMBI-KOMBI.rs Transport of furniture Belgrade organizes van transport of furniture from Ikea for you, as well as truck transport of Ikea. For furniture transportation, Ikea offers the option of van transportation or truck transportation, depending on the furniture being transported. However, in order to transport furniture from Ikea to your home or apartment, you need to wait 7 or more days. The transportation and moving agency KOMBI-KOMBI.rs from Belgrade offers you the possibility of van transportation of Ikea furniture - your apartment or house, as well as truck transportation of Ikea furniture - your house or apartment. Contact us if you need a service for transporting furniture from Ikea to the desired destination

Delivery, assembly and other services with IKEA purchase

They say that the IKEA delivery service saves you time and energy, but this is actually done by our goods transportation and moving agency kombi-kombi.rs! To do what he wants, while the package arrives at your home. Whether you order a mug or a sofa, online or in a department store, with us you get the same affordable prices because with us there are no hidden delivery costs.

0-24H Delivery of IKEA furniture

Whether a van is sufficient for the comfortable and safe transportation of your furniture or you need a truck - feel free to contact us. Our most affordable Ikea delivery service Belgrade was created just for you. We provide this service on the territory of Belgrade, but also throughout Serbia, and we minimize the waiting interval that you want to avoid during delivery. Although we are the best agency that has long and successfully dealt with complete goods transportation services as well as removals, we know how much stress the delivery process, as well as the assembly and disassembly of furniture, can create for you. As a team with many years of experience, we believe and will prove to you that this process can be fast, easy and efficient. That's why we offer you our help, that is, our skilled team members, also during the service: IKEA delivery and assembly/disassembly. Regardless of the fact that traffic jams in Belgrade can be a great stress, it is important that we spare you the same. We are always here for you, regarding all additional services. Take a look at our services and gallery and see for yourself.

0-24H Assembly/Disassembly of IKEA furniture

The price of assembling furniture is 8% of the price of the product you want to assemble, with a minimum amount of 3,000 RSD for home delivery.
The price of disassembling furniture is 4% of the price of the product you want to assemble, with a minimum amount of 3,000 RSD for arrival at the home address.

See the page PRICE LIST for individual approximate prices.